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2023: A Transformative Year for Solar

A study of public attitudes to solar development

“As more projects come forward and the energy transition accelerates, we can expect public attitudes to shift. A higher quantity of larger-scale projects comes with many opportunities for greening the UK economy and electricity network. However, this is also coupled with concern amongst communities about their local landscapes changing.

For solar to play the role it must in achieving net zero by 2050, it’s key we understand public perceptions”. – Chris Hewett, CEO at Solar Energy UK.

Solar farms are popular, and they are a crucial part of the country’s net zero ambitions. The following research by Copper Consultancy, highlights that over 42% of people living near an existing, proposed or under-construction solar farm strongly support the sector’s development.

In contrast, the study found that less than 1% said they were strongly opposed and 94% had either supportive or at least neutral attitudes to the sector. Overall, local solar farms have also become more popular over time.

The need for accelerated solar development is clear, and this report demonstrates that many misconceptions about solar are unfounded. If the Government are to make good on their commitment to net zero by 2050, increased development of solar must be a top priority.

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