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Solar Stewardship Initiative

Driving a more responsible, transparent, and sustainable solar value chain

The solar industry is fully committed to accelerating the transition to clean, green energy and will be instrumental in reducing carbon emissions and reaching the UK’s net zero and climate targets.

Over the last decade, solar installations, at all scales, have increased considerably as solar costs continue to decline. As of mid-2023, the UK solar market had a total installed capacity of 16GW, a fifth of what is needed to reach the Government’s ambition to reach 70GW by 2035 and keep the UK on its trajectory to reach net zero by 2050.

The UK solar industry has been involved in developing a comprehensive due diligence platform – the Solar Stewardship Initiative – designed to tackle environmental sustainability and human rights challenges within the global solar supply chain.

The purpose of this briefing is to help members of the public, Government, industry and others interested in sustainability to understand better how the industry is working to drive transparency and sustainability in the global solar supply chain. This briefing provides an overview of the Solar Stewardship Initiative, its foundations and objectives.