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Solar Taskforce – Update on Progress

The Solar Taskforce has been established to drive forward the actions needed by government and industry to meet the solar deployment ambition of 70 gigawatts by 2035.

The purpose of the Solar Taskforce is to bring together key players from government, industry, regulatory and other relevant organisations to drive forward the increases in rooftop and ground mount solar needed to meet the expectation of a fivefold increase in solar PV deployment (up to 70GW) by 2035. The taskforce will run up to February 2024, and its key objectives are:

  • Strategic roadmap: assisting in the development of, and securing cross government and industry buy in to a UK roadmap for solar setting out a clear step by step deployment trajectory to achieve up to 70GW of solar by 2035
  • Taking action: government and industry working together to identify and drive forward processes and measures to unlock deployment
  • Securing investment and value for money: as the sector grows, put in place structures to facilitate continued progress on cost reduction and ensure investment in UK supply chains, jobs, skills, innovation and infrastructure is enabled sustainably