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The Value of Solar Heat

The Role of Solar and Storage in the Decarbonisation of Heat

Heat plays a crucial role in our daily lives; it is essential to our health and comfort. It also represents a significant cost, and, at present, generates major carbon emissions: space, water and industrial heating together account for more than a third of UK greenhouse gas emissions.

As part of its climate goals, the UK has a legally binding commitment to achieve a net zero economy by 2050. To achieve this, it will need to drastically reduce its dependency on fossil fuels and expand the volume of heat it generates from renewable sources such as solar. Meeting these climate commitments will require the near-complete decarbonisation of heat in buildings and industrial processes. Solar technologies must and can make a significant contribution to heat decarbonisation. Doing so will ensure that consumers and businesses benefit from a clean, affordable, and reliable heat supply.

This document fits into a broader suite of reports produced by Solar Energy UK to evidence the financial and system-wide benefits of residential solar and storage technologies. Together they demonstrate the energy, financial and climate change benefits of installing solar, which is a hedge against the rising cost of living, promotes energy security, and contributes to the UK’s net zero targets.

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