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Ofgem decision to roll out half-hourly settlement welcomed by industry

Solar Energy UK
Immediate release

Solar Energy UK has welcomed plans to roll out market-wide half-hourly settlement across the retail electricity market by regulator Ofgem. [1] The decision will unlock a new era for solar and energy storage technologies, which can be used to underpin a smart, flexible energy system and deliver vital grid balancing.

Ofgem plans on implementing the new system over a four and a half year period, with extensive testing due to take place prior to launch in October 2025

Chris Hewett, chief executive, Solar Energy UK said: “One might question the overly cautious length of time set aside for testing in the midst of a climate emergency, but otherwise it is fantastic to see Ofgem is moving the dial on the matter of half-hourly settlement. The decision will undoubtedly enhance innovation in the market and the role of solar and battery storage in supporting the grid.

A report published by Solar Energy UK last year revealed that the UK requires 4.4 million homes to be equipped with smart solar PV and battery storage in order to cost-effectively manage electricity demand. [2]

The increasing electrification of heat and transport has enhanced the case for on-site solar energy generation and storage in residential and commercial settings, and half-hourly settlement is poised to drive demand for these technologies.


Editor’s notes:

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