Meet the team

Chris Hewett

Chief executive Talk to me about industry strategy • market growth • tackling barriers

Cherry Parker

Head of business development Talk to me about business opportunities • membership services • partnerships • local authorities

Cam Witten

Policy manager Talk to me about solar parks • asset management • networks and grid • energy storage

Jack Dobson-Smith

Strategic communications manager Talk to me about media engagement • lobbying • digital communications • public relations

Kevin McCann

Policy Manager Talk to me about solar roofs • smart homes • micro-grids

Kara Davies

Business engagement officer Talk to me about membership support • events • renewals • welsh affairs

Rachel Hayes

Policy analyst Talk to me about natural capital • emerging technologies • solar heat • scottish affairs

Ben Milne

Policy assistant Talk to me about solar roofs • training opportunities

Matt Black (Chair)

Armstrong Energy

Christelle Barnes (Vice-chair)


Gareth Williams (Vice-chair)

Caplor Group

Liz MacFarlane


John Forster

Forster Group

Katarzyna Siadak


Syed Ahmed

Energy for London

Jonathan Bates

Photon Energy

Paul Hutchens

Eco2 Solar

Giles Clarke

AlSi Consulting

Stuart Elmes

Viridian Solar

Chris Clark

Emtec Energy

Luke Roberts

Bluefield Partners

Jerry Stokes