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Be Part of A Brighter Future

Now is the time to join the clean energy revolution in one of fastest growing areas of the renewable energy industry!

Solar Energy UK’s ‘Be Part of A Brighter Future’ Careers Booklet is part of a Mayor of London-funded program called Solar Skills London, which aims to support residents in finding careers in the solar energy industry.

The Booklet describes the various job positions available in the solar sector and highlights the growing demand for skilled workers. It also explains the different types of solar systems, from residential rooftop systems to utility-scale solar farms, and provides information on the key components of a solar system.

We know solar energy is and will continue to be a big part of the world’s low-carbon future, which is why the industry has witnessed rapid growth, and that’s where you can play a role – by meeting that demand.

We hope the Booklet encourages readers to explore the various career paths in the solar industry and join London’s solar sector to help meet the UK’s demand for those looking for an exciting way to make a difference!

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