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Smart Solar Homes: The Journey to Net Zero

This report reveals the vital contribution homes can make in the journey to net zero. By using real world data to identify, analyse, and compare four generations of smart homes with the average UK home today, it demonstrates the numerous consumer and system wide benefits of reducing energy poverty, cutting carbon and supporting the power system.

The UK electricity system is rapidly changing to one that will be primarily powered by solar and wind come 2030. We now have an opportunity to make our homes active contributors of the flexibility needed to maximise the potential of renewables, rather than be simply passive consumers of electricity. The evidence is here – deploying smart energy technologies across the country not only cuts carbon and helps households save on their energy bills, but can actively minimise spikes in electricity demand which place the grid under intense stress. Therefore it is not simply the homeowner who stands to benefit from solar and energy storage, but everyone.

~ Chris Hewett, Chief Executive, Solar Energy UK

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