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Management of Network Constraints

Industry Best Practice Manual

There is an unfortunate coincidence that solar generation both peaks and is typically constrained over the summer. This is because, over the hottest months most planned maintenance to the grid is carried out, while customer demand is lower than average. 

Solar Energy UK estimates that from 2015 to 2017 the lost production of solar generators resulting from network outages amounts to about 1% of the total installed capacity, resulting in reduction of income to the renewables industry of £10m annually. 

This Best Industry Practice Manual v.1 supports cooperative efforts to monitor and mitigate the impacts of constraining supply, improve communication, and create a formal framework on what constitutes good practice between the suppliers of solar energy and those who operate the networks.

We will endeavour to mitigate the impacts of planned and unplanned network outages on solar PV generation where reasonably practicable, and we look forward to continued productive dialogue with industry stakeholders as this initiative progresses.

~ Steve White, UK Power Networks

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