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Impact Report 2021

Time To Shine

The second edition of Solar Energy UK’s Impact Report reflects the progress made on behalf of our members and as an organisation.

Throughout 2021, we’ve worked hard to support the solar and energy storage industry through another year during the coronavirus crisis and have managed to score genuine wins along the way.

With a foreword by Solar Energy UK Chief Executive Chris Hewett exploring what 2022 holds for the industry, our ‘Impact Report 2021: Time To Shine’ will take you through our major highlights of 2021. It will also serve as a glimpse into our strategic direction for the coming years and provide insights from all our working groups and celebrate some of our members’ achievements.

“2021 may be seen as a turning point in the fight against climate change. Whilst the COP26 Summit in Glasgow did not make enough progress, it was attended by a business and energy industry more focused on delivering net-zero carbon emissions than ever before. 

Indeed, it has been a year when the true potential of renewable energy and solar energy in the UK has started to be realised. 

Our industry has moved away from its early stage, where direct Government support helped bring the technology to the mainstream. Solar is now demonstrating significant growth with no subsidy in the UK and across the world despite the pandemic’s impacts.”