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UK industry supply chain statement

The statement below has been developed in consultation with industry members as part of Solar Energy UK’s ongoing supply chain sustainability workstream.

“We, members of the UK solar energy industry, condemn and oppose any abuse of human rights, including forced labour, anywhere in the global supply chain. We support applying the highest possible levels of transparency and sustainability throughout the value chain, and commit to the development of an industry-led traceability protocol to help to ensure our supply chain is free of human rights abuses.”

A full list of signatories can be found below. Last updated 12:27 Tuesday 04 May 2021

AES Solar
Anesco Limited
Balance Power Projects
BeBa Energy UK Ltd
Belectric Solar Ltd
Belltown Power
Bluefield Partners LLP
Brighter Green Engineering Ltd
Brighton Energy Coop
British Solar Renewables

Ceiba Renewables Limited
Centrica Business Solutions
Certi-Fi Schemes Limited

Cubico Sustainable Investments
Easy Green Energy
Eco2Solar Limited
Eden Renewables

EDF Renewables UK
EEC Home Improvements
Egni Co-op

Ennoviga Solar Ltd
Foresight Group
Grand Union Community Energy
Greencoat Capital

Green Nation
GRIDSERVE Sustainable Energy Ltd

Hockerton Housing Project Trading Ltd

JBM Solar
Joju Solar Ltd
Lightrock Power
Lightsource bp
Low Carbon
Midsummer Energy Ltd
Natural Power
NextEnergy Capital
Octopus Renewables
Photon Energy Ltd
Planet Save Ltd
Public Power Solutions

Quintas Energy
Repowering London
ROC Energy Limited
Segen Ltd

Sharenergy Co-operative Ltd
Solar2 Ltd

Stern Energy Ltd

Suan Ltd
The Solar Shed Ltd
Toucan Energy

Trust Renewables
Van Der Valk
Viridian Solar

Waxman Energy Ltd
Wind & Sun Ltd
Zestec Asset Management Limited