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Welsh Government Consultation – Review of Wales Renewable Energy Targets

Solar Energy UK welcomes the opportunity to respond to Welsh Governments review of Wales’s Renewable Energy Targets. We applaud the Welsh Government for having taken the initiative to provide greater clarity on how it intends to reach 70% of its consumption from renewable energy by 2030 through the increased deployment of low carbon technologies. However, we are concerned that the proposals set out within the consultation fail to recognise the potential of solar, at all scales, to support Wales in reaching its renewable energy targets and wider contributions to net zero.

Our primary recommendation calls for Welsh Government to set out ambitious, technology specific targets (e.g., for heat pumps, solar PV, hydrogen) – using 29TWh as a minimum baseline target . This will signal development opportunities to investors and increase the likelihood of any targets being met. By setting individual targets, Government will demonstrate greater confidence in the renewable industry in Wales, resulting in greater business and employment opportunities.