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Solar Skills: London – grants scheme


As part of its Greater London Authority (GLA)-funded project, Solar Skills: London, Solar Energy UK will run a grants scheme in 2021 – 2022.

The purpose of this scheme is to support London’s solar businesses to provide training for employees as part of their professional development.

This page summarises how the grant scheme is intended to run. Please note that the final details are subject to change. Please complete the Expression of Interest form below to ensure you receive the latest information on the scheme.

Grant scheme overview

1.1 Grants available  

Solar Energy UK will award small grants of up to £300 to eligible businesses. These will be valid to cover the cost, in whole or in part, of training courses applied for by prospective grantees.

Solar Energy UK will award funding in a minimum of two rounds. The first round will run in summer 2021. The dates of further rounds will be confirmed later in 2021.

1.2 Grantees eligible

Prospective grantee organisations will need to fulfil the following requirements to be eligible for a training grant:

  • Be a Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) member working with solar technologies on domestic or commercial rooftop projects
  • Be operating in the London area
  • Demonstrate involvement with projects, and have training needs, relating to eligible training categories

Individual training recipients will need to fulfil the following requirements to be eligible for a training grant:

  • Be a permanent employee of their organisation (although employees may be full or part-time)

The grant scheme will also be open to contractors and freelance workers. In this case, they will need to demonstrate:

  • A minimum of two years’ professional experience related to the electrical or solar industry and storage industry, and prior evidence of a commitment to relevant professional development.

The number of grants for which organisations will be available to apply under the first allocation round will depend on their number of employees, as follows:

Number of employees

Number of grants organisation can apply for
0 – 101
10 – 202
20 +3

The final decision on the eligibility of all prospective grantees will be at the discretion of Solar Energy UK.

1.3 Training eligible

Grant funding will be valid to spend on courses in four areas related to either domestic or commercial scale rooftop solar, as relevant to grantee needs. These areas will be:

  • Solar PV installation, operation, and maintenance.
  • Solar thermal installation, operation, and maintenance.
  • Solar storage technology installation, operation, and maintenance (including batteries and electric vehicle charging).
  • Electrical health and safety training.

As the scheme is not intended to exclude support for specific courses, where a company considers a course would benefit their employees, prospective grantees will also have the option to request funding for other training. The eligibility of these courses will be at Solar Energy UK’s discretion.

1.4 Training providers eligible

Grants will be awarded for courses run by relevant training providers. Courses provided by accredited training providers are likely to be eligible.

1.5 Grant administration  

Solar Energy UK will reimburse grantees for expenditure incurred after the relevant training course has been completed. This will be to the maximum value stated above. Grantees will be required to provide evidence of the cost of the course, and completion of employee training. This will include, at a minimum, a course completion certificate from the relevant training provider, with the name of the trainee and date of completion.

1.6 Scheme dates and application process

The scheme will likely open in June 2021.

Please complete the Expression of Interest form below to ensure you receive the final opening date of the scheme at the earliest opportunity.

The application period will run for three weeks in the first instance, during which organisations will be able to submit applications for funding.

In the first funding round, grants will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis to eligible organisations, until the value of the first round of funding has been provisionally awarded. Organisations which are not successful in the first round will:

  • Be placed on a reserve list for the first round of funding, should successful organisations subsequently decide not to proceed with their training request
  • Be placed at the top of the list for the second round of funding

Prospective grantees will be asked to complete a short application form. This will require them to include:

  • Evidence of how they and prospective trainees meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Confirmation that they will submit documentation necessary to confirm the completion of any training carried out with grant funding, and a short questionnaire about the project.

If you are interested in taking part in the Solar Skills: London grant scheme, please complete the short expression of interest form. We will use it to contact you in the next few weeks with further information. This will be the best way to ensure you are aware of all necessary details.