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Solar & Energy Storage Manifesto

In an era where the race for clean, secure, and affordable energy is paramount, the Solar and Energy Storage Manifesto sets forth a vision to transition the United Kingdom towards a sustainable energy future. With insights from Chris Hewett, Chief Executive of Solar Energy UK, this manifesto underscores the critical importance of renewable energy in tackling the climate crisis, reducing dependency on fossil fuels, and fostering economic growth.

As public support for environmental action remains strong amidst rising energy costs and a cost-of-living crisis, the manifesto calls on the next government to lead with clear ambition. By 2030, the UK must scale up to 50GW of solar and 30GW of zero-carbon energy storage to meet climate targets and ensure energy security.

The manifesto outlines five pivotal actions to empower the solar and energy storage industries:

  1. Embrace UK Solar.
  2. Bring the benefits of solar and storage to new homes.
  3. Turbo-charge the network for net zero.
  4. Build skills for British green jobs.
  5. Implement a renewables-first approach to market reform.

Join us in advocating for a renewable energy future that brings down energy bills, creates jobs, and invigorates the UK economy.

Together, we can light the way to a greener, more sustainable tomorrow.