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Smart Export Guarantee

League Table.

The Smart Export Guarantee is the new way to get paid for your power. If you have a solar PV system, and generate more power than you need, the surplus will be put onto the grid. Under the Smart Export Guarantee, electricity suppliers offer payment for each unit of power you export to the grid. 

Our league table reveals which suppliers are offering the best rates. Note that the best rate may not always mean the best energy package. Solar Energy UK recommends shopping around for the best deal. 

SupplierTariff NameTariff Type Tariff LengthTariff Rate (/kW)Payment CycleIncludes Battery StorageMust be on supplier import tariff
1Social EnergySocial Energy HubNo longer offers SEG tariffN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
2TeslaTesla Energy Plan¹FixedUnknown12.0pUnknownYes (must be Tesla Powerwall)Yes (Octopus Energy)
3TeslaTesla Energy Plan²FixedUnknown10.0pUnknownYes (must be Tesla Powerwall) Yes (Octopus Energy)
4Social EnergySmarter ExportNo longer offers SEG tariff N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
5Bulb EnergyExport PaymentsFixedNo fixed end date5.57p3 monthsYesYes
6Octopus EnergyOutgoing FixedFixed12-month fixed term 7.5pMonthlyYesYes
E.ON EnergyNext Export ExclusiveFixed12-month fixed term5.5pUnknownUnknownYes
8OVO EnergyOVO SEG TariffFixed12-month fixed term 4.0p3 monthsDependent on InstallationNo
ScottishPowerSmart Export Variable TariffCurrently FixedNo fixed end date5.5p6 monthsUnknownNo
10SSESmart Export TariffFixedNo fixed end date3.5p12 monthsUnknownYes
Shell EnergySEG V1TariffCurrently FixedNo fixed end date3.5p12 monthsUnknownYes
12British GasExport & Earn FlexCurrently FixedNo fixed end date3.2p6 monthsYesNo
13E.ON EnergyNext ExportFixed12-month fixed term 3.0pUnknownUnknownNo
14Utility WarehouseUW Smart Export GuaranteeFixedNo fixed end date2.0pUnknownUnknownUnknown
15EDF EnergyExport+EarnFixed12-month fixed term1.5pUnknownUnknownUnknown

Updated on 15 February 2022

We update our Smart Export Guarantee league table frequently, but if you spot an error, please let us know.