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Corporate Buyers’ Guide

The benefits of onsite commercial solar power projects

This guide provides an introduction for corporate energy buyers interested in onsite solar photovoltaic (PV) power and solar heat generation. It includes an explanation of how solar systems work, the key steps needed to set up a solar project, and information on the commercial considerations corporate buyers should take into account. It also includes a directory of Solar Energy UK members who design, install, finance, and manage onsite solar projects.

The guide answers common questions that explain why commercial solar systems are experiencing record growth in the UK. This should not be surprising: solar power is low-risk and high-benefit, and can come at zero cost. Installing a solar system is therefore a powerful way for a business to improve its financial and sustainability position at the same time.

Solar Energy UK’s advice for companies considering installing solar power is to read this guide and then contact one of the Solar Energy UK member companies in the directory included. They will provide you with clear advice on how to proceed with your solar power project.

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