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Solar Energy UK welcomes record rooftop PV deployment

Solar Energy UK 
10 January 2024

Renewable energy standards body MCS revealed today that a new post-subsidy annual record of almost 190,000 smaller-scale (50 kilowatts or less) solar photovoltaic installations was set in 2023.[1]

The figure comes close to the all-time MCS record of 203,129 registered installations in 2011, at the height of the Feed-in Tariff era. The regime closed to new applicants in April 2019.

“Setting a post-subsidy record of almost 190,000 smaller-scale solar PV installations, and approaching the all-time record of 203,000, is truly a moment to celebrate. The solar industry is on a roll, particularly as we start to conclude work on the government-industry Solar Taskforce, whose roadmap for delivering 70GW of capacity is due to be published in a couple of months,” said Solar Energy UK Chief Executive Chris Hewett.

“It is also very gratifying to see such growth in the deployment of heat pumps and battery energy storage systems, which partner so well with rooftop solar energy systems by maximising the savings and decarbonisation that they offer,” he added.

[1] 2023: A record-breaking year for MCS and small-scale renewables

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