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Celebrate Solar Day at Solar School

Solar Energy UK
21 June 2024

Solar Energy UK, together with our counterparts in Brussels, Solar Power Europe, are celebrating European Solar Day today with a series of assets aimed especially for schools and young people.

The hosts a wealth of resources, including a quiz to test your solar knowledge, a word scramble, crossword and even a colouring book. The site also has videos and a presentation on the basics of solar and energy storage technologies.

For the grownups, there are social media assets to spread some solar love and guidelines on how to join in.

This year, Solar Day falls on the day after the summer solstice – the longest day of the year and when peak daily solar generation is generally expected.

Though fun, the event has a serious message: solar energy is a ray of hope in the fight against climate change.

Over recent years, photovoltaic systems have become the most affordable source of clean energy and supplied just under 5% of the UK’s electricity last year. Every solar panel installed, whether on roofs or on the ground, is a step towards staving off the worst effects of global warming.

European Solar Day also reflects how Europe has been a cradle of solar innovation, while being the first part of the world to fully embrace the technology and provide support for mass deployment, setting the conditions for it to be the post-subsidy success that it is today. But we must go further and faster still, to achieve the carbon reductions and critical energy security that we need so much.

Please join us in the celebrations.

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