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Solarwatt Technologies Ltd

Solarwatt is a German photovoltaic pioneer and manufacturer of premium-quality solar systems. Founded in 1993 Solarwatt is one of the European market leaders of glass-glass solar panel technologies. Our vision is to be a lifelong companion for people who want to produce their own clean energy. Solarwatt enables homeowners, and commercial businesses to supply themselves with solar power, sustainable heat, and electric mobility in a seamless, holistic system. For more than 30 years Solarwatt has stood for premium-quality research, development, and production. Solarwatt is almost 100% owned by Stefan Quandt, who is also the major shareholder in BMW. The Solarwatt Group employs more than 800 people worldwide. With our simple and holistic energy solutions, our goal is to lead the charge in reducing climate change creating the greatest possible value for the planet, our customers, and our company by Powering A Better Tomorrow.