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RWE Renewables Management UK Limited

The world of energy is vast, as are the opportunities it offers. That makes it important to have a good overview of what it’s all about. At RWE, we have a clear focus on renewables, and are a strong partner on the path to a green future. It is clear that climate protection and the energy transition can succeed only if security of supply can still be guaranteed. That’s why conventional energy sources remain in place as part of the mix for the time being, alongside innovative wind farms, solar plants, hydropower stations and, in future, power plants that operate using hydrogen. That’s how we cover the whole spectrum of safe and clean electricity generation. The focus on the expansion of renewables will help to ensure that RWE plays a key role in the energy supply system of the future. Learn more about the opportunities for electricity generation from the various energy sources, and RWE’s activities in the UK.