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Clean Energy Exchange Webinar Series – The Water Industry

10:00-11:30 30/03/2021

Tackling climate change is at the top of the public agenda. All sectors are focusing on reducing their carbon footprint and removing carbon from their business operations and processes. The Water industry has also turned its sights to the opportunities of clean energy procurement to join in the fight to reach net zero and to reduce costs in the process. With a target of delivering 3GW from onshore renewables by 2030, the Water industry is set for significant developments in clean energy procurement in the years to come.    

Why attend?

  • To learn from successful case studies in the industry
  • To explore benefits of power purchase agreements including local community investment and engagement, contract terms and prices, variable consumption volumes and more
  • To learn more about how to ensure regulatory compliance when it comes to reducing carbon emissions
  • To consider what you need to know before embarking on this journey

Full programme launched soon. 
Are you interested in speaking at this event? Please contact Kara Davies