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Clean Energy Exchange Webinar Series – The Transport Industry

10:00-11:30 02/06/2021

Reducing carbon emissions is a priority for the transport sector and electrification will be the main route to net-zero. Opportunities to reconfigure how vehicles run – from electric vehicles to green hydrogen-based shipping, to entire overground rail networks powered by renewables – are now growing fast, with clean benefits. How does the Transport sector go about using clean energy to fundamentally alter how it powers everything – from trains to lorries to the entire transportation network?   

Why attend?

  • To learn from successful case studies from the various players in the sector
  • To explore benefits of power purchase agreements including community investment and engagement, contract terms and prices, variable consumption volumes and more
  • To learn how EV charging stations are being linked to onsite generation, energy storage and renewable PPAs
  • To learn more about how to ensure regulatory compliance when it comes to reducing carbon emissions
  • To consider how to generate shareholder value, value for money, and improve brand when it comes to clean energy and the electrification of transport
  • To consider what you need to know before embarking on this journey

Full programme launched soon. 
Are you interested in speaking at this event? Please contact Kara Davies