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Clean Energy Exchange Webinar Series – Public Sector

10:00-11:30 01/07/2021

This webinar will focus on the growth of clean energy in the public sector, tackling the challenges of today so we can pave the way to PPAs in the short-, medium- and long-term. Case studies and pannelists will address:

  • What clean energy sourcing options are there for different public sector organisations
  • How to upskill and cross skill, building competencies and capacity to handle this more complex procurement
  • How to budget for it, considering long-term investment and gains
  • How to work in aggregate models which will help deliver scale and capacity to negotiate these contracts
  • Risk reduction and long-term pricing strategies
  • Public sector procurement challenges and engaging stakeholders

The virtual event will bring together leading providers of clean energy, their experience of multiple types of PPAs in the UK and Europe, and public sector organisations interested in learning more, to both influence their organisations and plan for the future.

Why attend?

  • To learn from successful case studies in the industry
  • To explore benefits of power purchase agreements including local community investment and engagement, contract terms and prices, variable consumption volumes and more
  • To learn more about how to ensure regulatory compliance when it comes to reducing carbon emissions
  • To consider what you need to know before embarking on this journey

Full programme launched soon. 
Are you interested in speaking at this event? Please contact Kara Davies