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Energising Scotland: The Berryhill Solar Farm Journey

Blog by Solar Energy UK member Solar2

The forthcoming Berryhill Solar Farm project in Fowlis, Invergowrie, Scotland, scheduled for connection to the grid in 2026, marks a pivotal step in the region’s journey towards sustainable energy independence. Developed by Solar2 Ltd, this 45-megawatt solar project is poised to become a cornerstone of innovation and resilience in the renewable energy landscape.

Project Overview

Positioned just 4 km from Dundee, the Berryhill Solar Farm represents a significant advancement in harnessing solar energy through photovoltaic arrays. With an export capacity of 45MW, it is anticipated to meet the power needs of Angus, contributing substantially to the region’s renewable energy goals and reflecting a commitment to driving sustainable energy solutions on a large scale.

Development Details

The Berryhill Solar Farm has been meticulously designed and will be strategically positioned on south-facing slopes in Fowlis to optimise solar yield while minimising environmental impact. Despite initial planning challenges, including a denied consent in 2021, the project persevered and emerged victorious on appeal in September 2022.

The farm holds significant promise in directly supplying renewable energy to the region. With a secured CfD strike price of £47.00 per MWh (2012 prices) in AR5, the project ensures long-term financial viability, contributing to Scotland’s energy stability and independence.

Project Impact

Although the Berryhill Solar Farm is yet to be commissioned, its anticipated impact extends beyond energy generation. As one of Scotland’s most significant solar projects, it is poised to play a pivotal role in advancing the country’s net-zero goals, setting a precedent for responsible and community-oriented renewable energy initiatives.

Environmental Sustainability:

By harnessing solar energy, the Berryhill Solar Farm will significantly reduce reliance on finite fossil fuels, mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and fostering environmental sustainability. The strategic arrangement of solar panels underscores a commitment to responsible land use practices, ensuring efficient energy generation while preserving the natural landscape.

Economic Opportunities

Upon commencement, the Berryhill Solar Farm is expected to stimulate economic growth in the Angus region through job creation and ongoing maintenance roles. The project’s contribution to Scotland’s renewable energy portfolio will enhance energy stability while reducing dependence on imported fossil fuels.

Community Engagement

Furthermore, Berryhill Solar Farm’s commitment to community engagement is evident through its £500 per megawatt Community Benefit Fund. Anticipated to contribute approximately £900,000 over its lifetime, this fund will support local initiatives, fostering community resilience and empowerment.

As the project prepares to break ground in 2026, it symbolises the culmination of years of planning and perseverance in the renewable energy sector. Achieving commercial viability while prioritising environmental sustainability and community engagement sets a precedent for responsible solar energy development in Scotland and beyond. As we seek a cleaner, brighter future, projects like the Berryhill Solar Farm serve as beacons of progress, inspiring further innovation and collaboration in pursuing a more sustainable world.

About the author Solar 2

Solar2 is a specialist energy developer and was founded in 2019 by Gerry and Paula Jewson, former owners of West Coast Energy. The founders of Solar2 together with the Solar2 team have a substantial track record in the successful development of renewable projects throughout the UK, being responsible for the delivery of in excess of 1GW of renewable energy. Solar2 has built up a significant development pipeline of Solar projects throughout the UK amounting to c 1200MW.